Timber loft ladders are a fantastic affordable solution for those who wish to use their loft space more often. Providing easy access is the first step towards the conversion of your loft to an office or workspace.

The three section timber ladders we supply are a pre-assembled folding loft ladder of high quality and design. The ladder requires little to no clearance inside the loft, and the hatch is wide enough to store large objects. Balance springs assist opening and closing with sections crafted to fit your hatch. We’ll also supply an insulated and air-tight hatch cover complete with secure handrail. When fully opened, your wooden ladder will stretch floor to ceiling.


Our 1200mmx600mm loft ladder is currently on offer at £249! Other loft ladder hatch sizes available include:

  • 550mmx1200mm
  • 600mmx1110mm
  • 700mmx1200mm
  • 550mmx1000mm
  • 600mmx1000mm
  • 700mmx1000mm

Much like our timber products, our aluminium loft ladders are a fantastic roof space access solution. Aluminium loft ladders are specially designed with interlocking sliding sections. The products are factory assembled and selected by us due to their high quality.

With large flat top rungs for comfort and safety these metallic ladders are extremely popular. As standard, this ladder has handrail sections on both the middle and upper sections.They come complete with an auto-latched trap door. As a heavier product, this ladder is manufactured with a heavy duty pivot arm, controlling the steady lowering of the ladder until locks out fully reached floor to ceiling.


Two section aluminium ladder supplied and fitted £160

Three section aluminium ladder supplied and fitted £170

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