We supply and install the highest quality 18mm, moisture-resistant chipboard flooring.

In order to really make use of your loft you’ll need some safe flooring across the breadth of your space. Whether converting your loft or not, flooring is extremely useful. It allows for secure storage - if you’d like to continue using your loft in the manner.

Our loft flooring is tongue and grooved on all four sides ensuring a strong, continuous floor space without gaps. It’ll be securely installed with screws so the floor can be taken up, should you require access to cabling beneath at a later date.

Supplied and fitted for the extremely competitive £20.00 per square metre. Call us today for a FREE consultation and pricing.

Outstanding Insulation solutions for your entire roof space.

In order to comfortable enjoy your loft office or to keep valuable items safe from the bitter cold, it’s best to ensure that your roof space is fully insulated. Most heat loss in a house occurs through the roof, as heat rises. By insulating your roof space you can save energy and in turn save money. Investment in your roof space gives you financial flexibility elsewhere.

Rockwool Flexi Loft insulation panels come in three degrees of thickness:

100mm - £6 per m2 supplied & fitted

150mm - £8 per m2 supplied & fitted

200mm - £10 per m2 supplied and fitted

Whether you require full insulation or merely a top-up, we can advise on the current recommendations for your area.

We can inspect and install to your needs. Get in touch for FREE consultation.